Custom cakes starting at just $4 per serving for buttercream and starting at $7 per serving for fondant.

Custom Cupcakes ranging from $4 each and up based on design.

Fill out our form below to start or call us at 484-461-3793

Please give a minimum of 2 weeks notice for all orders.

Thank you _theburgerbank for the opportu
_Very Hungry Caterpillar_ cake
#dripcake #ediblegold #birthdaycake #edi
Don't _judge_ a cake by it's cover...
I always assumed it was Colonel Mustard.
You know what time it is!_#rolexcake #ca
Loved making this cake! Rose gold drip c
My second _The Artist _ cake, this time
Black and gold drip cake with assorted c
 Minnie orders, dunno what was in the ai
A sneaker cake for a devoted runner
Left to my own devices I had a great tim
Definitely had fun with this #lego cake.
Nothing makes me happier or more proud t
#dripcake #ediblegold #edibleart #specia
GOT cake with hand made dragon
Elephant and Piggie cupcakes for my neph
#AliceInWonderlandcake #aliceinwonderlan
Do you want to build a snowman_ How abou
Winter themed birthday cake and cupcakes
Nautical themed first birthday cake with
Luau theme birthday cake # 2
Luau theme birthday cake
90s Hip Hop themed birthday cake
3 tier pillow cake for a birthday party.
Stacks on stacks, have your money and ea
Happy Belated Birthday Gritty!! Ours is
Two totally separate orders but I though
#dripcake #birthdaycake #fun #edibleart
Nursing cake and cupcakes _#nursingschoo
Baby shower cake, all buttercream with a
Taking a moment to shout out my cousin a
Birthday cake for a wine lover with fres
#wherethewildthingsare cake_#picsididntg
Happy Father's Day! These dapper delight
Graduations galore! Here's a collection
Left to my own devices I came up with th
One of my favorite baby shower cakes of
I can't believe I almost forgot to post
Unicorn cake with 3D unicorn and rainbow
Trunk party cake for a grad headed to #l
Teacher themed birthday cake
Clubhouse cake with all the trimmings
Jungle themed birthday cake
Emoji cake and cookies
Gold carved letter Birthday cake
Nintendo controller cake _#picsididntget
Minne jumbo cupcake and cupcake tower
Royal baby shower cake
Not sure what wasn't on this cake..
Unicorn cake with wings
_Fish With The Deep Sea Smile_ cake
#CakesFromWayBackWhen _Ice cream party c
When you remember that baking is fun and
Harry Potter book cake number 2
Happy Teacher's Appreciation Week!_#teac
#picsididntgetachancetopost #princesscak
May the 4th be with you!!!_#yodacake #st
Birthday cake for a princess, all butter
Playing catch up today! Loved making thi
When one twin loves Spiderman and the ot
Baby's first birthday cake and mini cupc
Custom cake with matching gold dusted ro
Dreamcatcher baby shower cake
Steampunk hat, gloves and goggles cake
#CakesFromWayBackWhen _Not sure how I ne
under the sea cake
Some of my favorite books growing up wer
Not sure what's happening with Sponge Bob but I'm sure he's in good hands. Surgical Tech graduation
This morning's project. I love it when a client says, _I trust you, do your thing_ _)_Ode to Prince
Pool Table cake!
A cake fit for a queen
Rubber Ducky bathtub cake for theme baby shower
Baby shower tea cup cake and cupcakes. Buttercream with fresh flowers
Semi-naked style wedding cake (my first one!)
Ninja turtle cupcake cake from last week
Ant Man cake
Record player cake for a vinyl music lover
Specialty dual birthday cakes for a pair of coworkers
Lincoln University trunk party cake. Top tier _suitcase_ is strawberry cake, bottom tier is vanilla.
Puppy cake!!_Buttercream with fondant accents and handmade edible puppies
One of my favorite projects from last weekend.jpg  A _Little Monster_ themed baby shower cake and cu
Highlight from last weekend. Monkey baby shower cake. Buttercream with fondant accents
Yup, this is a cake too! _#haveyourwineandeatittoo _#customlabel _#yourveryownbrandofyummy
Birthday cake, NOT a wedding cake
Superbowl Sunday included a baby gender reveal cake request
My Little Pony cake. I guess Rainbow Bright is coming back too, lol
Mistery Science Theater 3000 birthday cake
Unicorn cake!_#unicorncake
A Tribe Called Quest album cake, made with buttercream and poured white chocolate ganache
Princess cake with a fierce edge
I heard they did well last night! Buttercream cake with hand painted buttercream Eagles logo

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